First-class customer service solutions for the communications sector

At Sitel, we understand that in the highly competitive, constantly evolving communications market, delivering a superior customer experience is key to customer satisfaction and continued business success.

We have extensive experience in providing market-leading customer service outsourcing for bundled, wire-line, mobile, ISP and cable accounts across the world.

Sitel’s communications expertise and global capabilities allow us to react quickly to changes in your industry, deliver cost efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction and retention. As your business process outsourcing (BPO) partner, we can provide service excellence in Customer Care, Revenue Generation, Technical Support, Saves/Retention, Web Self Services and Back Office.

Communicating knowledge and best practices within the communications sector

Sitel’s global expertise and local flexibility enables us to meet the evolving needs and unique challenges of this highly competitive and rapidly changing communications market.

“We’ve helped our clients in the communication sector achieve their goals by sharing the knowledge and best practices we’ve gained across almost three decades of serving this market.”


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Low cost

Access to low cost multi-lingual labor offers a competitive advantage to communication providers for high volume customer contact types.


Omnichannel services offer a flexible unified communication solution to improve customer experience and increase ARPU (average revenue per user).

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Customer retention and acquisition

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