World-leading, industry-specific solutions

With our extensive experience across a wide range of verticals, Sitel delivers world-leading, industry-specific customer experience solutions.

We work with many of the world’s largest and most well respected brands, and while each industry requires vastly different expertise, we consistently deliver one thing that is vital to every industry – an exceptional customer experience.


First-class customer service solutions for the communications sector.

At Sitel, we understand that in the highly competitive, constantly evolving communications market, delivering a superior customer experience is key to customer satisfaction and continued business success. We have extensive experience in providing market-leading customer service outsourcing for bundled, wireline, mobile, ISP and cable accounts across the world.

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Financial Services

World-class customer management for the financial services industry.

Sitel works in partnership with banks, insurers and financial services companies across the world to provide superior customer service and best-in-class business process outsourcing (BPO). With extensive experience working in the fast-moving, highly competitive finance sector, Sitel’s global capability and local presence allows us to react quickly to the changing demands of your customers.

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Providing outstanding member, patient and physician consumer care for the healthcare industry.

Sitel has a wealth of experience in providing business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions for some of the world’s leading healthcare insurers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. In an increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace, where members have choices, the way you engage your consumers over the phone and Internet is fast becoming the most tangible differentiator.

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Delivering customer support excellence and innovation for the manufacturing industry.

At Sitel, we understand that delivering a consistently positive customer experience can be the key differentiator between you and a competitor. As one of the leading BPO companies, Sitel has the experience and global expertise to ensure that you deliver world-class service to your customers, every time, over multiple channels.

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Media and Entertainment

The global customer care BPO solution for media services.

Media and entertainment companies today seek customer service outsourcing solutions that maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, drive low cost-per-subscriber rates and offer robust multichannel services and systems. In this dynamic market, Media and Entertainment services are evolving at an accelerated pace as consumers and businesses demand more options that are better, faster and cheaper — with infinite streams of evolutionary content.

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Public Sector

Delivering customer-centric services for the public sector.

Sitel has the experience, expertise and resources to help government and public organizations achieve their strategic goals in a rapidly evolving environment. Whether it’s setting up an information bureau, providing business and consumer tax preparation assistance, or supplying government administrative support, Sitel can provide dynamic business process outsourcing for all your requirements.

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The latest omnichannel solutions for engaging consumers in the retail industry.

Sitel provides multi-channel customer service outsourcing solutions to some of the biggest and best known retailers in the world. In a fiercely competitive market, consumers are drawn to the best value for money and have more choice at their disposal than ever before. Our global expertise and extensive retail experience means we can help you address the needs of the most important seasons of the year and offer your customers a consistently high quality experience with every contact that keeps them coming back.

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Offering expertise and service excellence for the technology industry.

At Sitel, we understand the intense profitability challenges faced by technology businesses across the world. Our range of business process outsourcing services will help you to effectively manage your customer relationships, providing world-class care that will increase brand loyalty and ensure you stay ahead of the competition by innovative solutions designed to transform the contact center into a profit driver.

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Travel and Tourism

First-class service for engaging customers in the travel and tourism industry.

In a fast-moving, highly competitive market, travel and tourism companies are recognizing a need to minimize operational costs and retain scalability in order to maintain a competitive edge. Sitel has geared its business process outsourcing solutions towards helping our clients achieve these cost reductions while maintaining the high standards expected of their brand.

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Knowledge and experience to keep utility businesses competitive.

One fact remains constant within the utility industry: in order to succeed, companies must find cost-effective ways to communicate with their customers. Sitel is a leading global provider of call center outsourcing in the energy and utilities industries, assisting clients in attaining greater levels of customer loyalty and value, and improving responsiveness.

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