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Delivering customer-centric services for the public sector

Sitel has the experience, expertise and resources to help government and public organizations achieve their strategic goals in a rapidly evolving environment.

Whether it’s setting up an information bureau, providing business and consumer tax preparation assistance, or supplying government administrative support, Sitel can provide dynamic business process outsourcing (BPO) for all your requirements.

Expectations for services provided by public and non-profit agencies are higher than ever, yet budget limitations and a focus on streamlining operations mean many public sector organizations find themselves under increased pressure to deliver. With Sitel as your business process outsourcing (BPO) partner, we can help maintain a high level of customer service for your customers and deliver improved cost efficiencies in a consistently transparent and compliant manner.

Meeting expectations with cost effective, reliable and compliant service delivery

Through our extensive experience of working with public sector agencies, Sitel understands that cost effective service delivery is key. As your outsourcing partner, we will align our customer service outsourcing services to customer expectations and deliver increased value with a ‘right the first time approach’.

Sitel also focuses on self-service enablement, allowing users to solve issues on their own as a lower cost channel. We’re also leaders in the provision of digital channels and social media, harnassing the opportunities emerging technologies present to extend the range and reach of services.

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Highly secure environments ensure interactions outsourced are treated with the same care as interactions managed by internal contact centers.


Agile experts able to meet the cyclical and seasonal needs of your end users.

Highest Levels of Compliance

Award Winning Systems and Processes

Transparency Across our Entire Infrastructure

Advisory Services

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