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Nearshoring to Bulgaria: Global Delivery Network

Sitel's multilingual offering in Eastern Europe brings to our clients a level of choice, performance and measurement that aren’t available elsewhere

Achieving High Performance During Peak Seasons

Ramping up contact center capacity to meet peak demands is one of the toughest issues that a customer relations executive may face. Peak Season solutions are never easy, but Sitel’s global scale, capacity, flexibility and experience are answering the call just in time.

2016 Sitel Corporate Overview

Sitel Corporate Overview Profile

Portugal Welcome Packet

Case Study: Sitel Intelligent Desktop

Leading Danish provider of communications solutions: Customer Relations BPO

This ongoing relationship has seen a large Danish communications solutions company outsource its Customer Relations business process operations to Sitel.

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2014 Q4 Bondholders Presentation

2014 Q3 Bondholders Presentation

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