Sitel Cloud Services

What are cloud services?

Built for purpose, pay as you go cloud application and infrastructure services are the fastest growing segment in the IT industry.

Sitel cloud services enable any contact to be handled anywhere without the complexity associated with on-premise solutions. Our on-demand services are provided via a hosted environment which allows you to migrate, expand or supplement your legacy systems with more cost effective options. We deliver infrastructure and applications as a service to you when they’re needed most, and shut them down when they’re not. And, you only pay for what you use.

Flexible, cost effective

Sitel’s cloud services enable maximum flexibility to align to the volume fluctuations associated with seasonal cycles. Our turn-key service facilitates the quick launch of new products and services through rapid deployment, reduced training needs and streamlined agent interactions. We provide you with flexible pricing, demand-driven scalability, and resource pooling.

You have the ability to scale functionality and capacity up and down quickly, as needed, with no costly long-term commitments.



Sitel intelligent desktop empowers your contact center agents to excel in an omnichannel world by providing a unified view of customers across all channels.


Sitel’s services integrate customer service channels on the mobile device to the contact center to fully address the needs of the growing base of mobile customers.


The projected compounded annual growth rate for cloud services


Typical enterprise’s infrastructure that will reside in the cloud by 2018


Cloud is up to 40 times more cost-effective for an SMB compared to the alternative of running its own IT system

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