Sitel Customer Engagement Services

What are Customer engagement services?

The complexity of the omnichannel call center requires an organization with the technology, processes, and expertise to effectively manage your customer interactions in their desired channels.

More than 2.1 million times per day Sitel interacts with customers on behalf of some of the largest brands in the world; to answer their questions, fix their product issues, activate their service, make their reservation, or resolve their billing concern.  Sitel balances customer experience optimization with operational contact center effectiveness. We leverage our 30 years of industry experience, combined with our focus on innovation and customer #1 culture, to support recruiting, retaining, and rewarding your best customers. Our engagement services include Customer Support, Sales & Marketing, Technical Support, and Premium Support services.

Brand identity and loyalty

Sitel is your trusted advisor, offering consistently high performance results across multiple engagement channels and proactively adding value to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our focus on first call resolution, process enhancements and customer self-service help improve cost efficiencies. Sitel’s Global Operating System (GOS) framework helps ensure consistency across all your call centers, leveraging processes that support top notch agent performance, and our commitment to continuous improvement.


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Sitel uses a proven Work@Home model to staff for planned spikes in business needs without compromising the level of service delivered to your customers.


Increase revenue – Sitel’s PTS for “out-of-scope” warranty issues offers your customers premium technical support creating low risk revenue streams that can be shared.

Transforming the at-home model

Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ is a scalable, flexible, and highly secure customer service model that accommodates the changing work environment. Offered as a standalone solution or a complement to the traditional brick-and-mortar contact center model, Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ lets you handle seasonal volumes by giving you the adaptability to meet both planned and unplanned capacity demands. Sitel gives you access to passionate geographically dispersed, brand evangelists with deep customer care skills and technical product knowledge to meet your specific needs.

Learn more:  Download Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ Overview 


Consumers who would pay more for a product that provides them a better service


Customer satisfaction increase seen with PTS services


Of customers will communicate their bad service experience with others

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