Sitel Omnichannel Services

What are omnichannel services?

Sitel’s omnichannel services allow your customers to communicate with your brand when they want, how they want.

Our services harness the latest unified communication platforms to enable any time, any channel interactions – including social and mobile – while maintaining a 360 degree view of the brand experience.  We are improving experiences and refining operating models that utilize the best virtual talent in the world.

Consistent brand experience

Consistent brand experience requires a shift from mass communication to mass customization. Sitel’s omnichannel services provides the people, process and technology to capture and organize customer data. By using this information and applying it in intuitive ways, we can help you anticipate customers’ needs and maximize sales potential. Sitel is ready to support your customer via any channel – phone call, SMS, email, chat, tweet or post – whenever they need us.


Offers a 360 degree view of customer interactions across multiple channels.


Sitel’s Social Media services increase customer intimacy by interacting with your customers via their preferred social media channels.


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