Sitel Premium Technical Support

Sitel Premium Technical Support Overview

Sitel Premium Technical Support (PTS) offers a robust delivery platform to monetize "out-of-scope" contacts by offering customers paid support when they have the need.

With the Premium Technical Support solutions Sitel is creating revenue that can be shared with our clients, converting cost centers into solid revenue stream (profit centers) while improving their customers satisfaction by as much as 45 percent.


“According to a recent customer experience report, in our industry, 86% of customers say that they would pay more for a product that provides them better service.” – Chandra Venkatesan, Senior Vice President Global Premium Tech Support

Download PTS Case Study: Technology (OEM)

Download PTS Case Study: Technology 2 (OEM)

Download White paper resource: Monetizing the customer experience yields tangible return on investment


Customer satisfaction improvement


Technology specialists


Monitizing out of scope contacts

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