Client Success Stories

A North American technology provider trusts Sitel as their partner to help them develop a solution that increased cost efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, generate revenue and improve partner ROI.

Through implementing Sitel’s innovative solution, Sitel Intelligent Desktop the client was able to experience:

  • 25%+ AHT Reduction
  • Call resolution improvement by 14%
  • Improved call avoidance efficiency by 4%

After implementing Sitel Premium Technical Support, the client saw:

  • Creation of a solid revenue stream in less than 3 months

Chat Technology Increased Sales Conversions 4x

Canada’s largest communications company wanted to increase online sales and reduce operating costs while improving the overall customer experience. They wanted a partner who could provide a chat solution to enable real-time interacts with customers via their company’s website.

Sitel implemented a comprehensive service and sales chat solution that blends a proven value-based methodology with an active rules-based engagement engine and deep domain expertise resulting in:

  • 4x increase in sales conversions
  • 85% of website visitors indicated that they would use chat again in the future
  • Sitel partnership grew at a faster pace, driven by results achieved, with +400 new agents hired in less than six months

Chat Technology Client Success Story

11% Increase in Customer Satisfaction Net Improvement

When a North American telecommunications company needed to improve their Customer Satisfaction rating, they turned to Sitel for assistance. The client wanted to find a solution to better connect with the new digital consumer, increase customer service relevance, and develop and launch innovative solutions to speed and optimize customer relations performance while reducing costs.

Sitel was able to deliver the following outstanding results:

  • Tangible results improving first call resolution from 87% to 96%
  • Improve customer satisfaction index from 59% to 70%

Telecommunications Client Success Story

Constantly Exceeded Sales Goals for Travel Organization

When this Spanish travel company needed help to improve their operations service levels and improve sales conversion rates they turned to their partner, Sitel, knowing they would exceed expectations.  Sitel provides service for this client in 8 languages, 25 countries with the support of over 130 associates.

Through the expanded efforts, Sitel was able to consistently exceed the goals set including:

  • Sales Goals consistently achieved MoM
  • Outbound conversion rate above targets by 200%
  • Insurance Sales Goals exceeded by 115%

Want to learn more, read the full case study:

Travel Client Success Story

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